Love quest

Ivoryton Theatre, CT

“Susan Slotoroff makes her Ivoryton Playhouse debut as Megan. Her believable portrayal as a loving, open and honest daughter to Kate is enhanced by the chemistry that she and Ms. Purl have onstage.”

- Don Church and Tony Schillaci, Critics On The Aisle

“Purl and Slotoroff are charming as the mother/daughter team. They have a playful camaraderie with each other... they're an endearing team.”

- Tim Leininger, Journal Inquirer

“ You know where all of it is going – the satisfaction is seeing how it gets there, and “Love Quest” satisfies on the levels it’s supposed to.”                                                                                                                                                                            

- Geary Danihy, CT Critcs Circle

"Susan Slotoroff makes her Ivoryton Playhouse debut with "Love Quest." As Kate's daughter Megan, she delivers a performance full of spunk, spark, silliness, and invention. Working opposite Purl, the actress also brings a refreshing honesty to the part, enhanced by an onstage chemistry, beautifully rendered by both actresses."

- Jim Ruocco, From the Desk of Jim R

Susan Slotoroff How to Pray Reviews

Steel Magnolias

Playhouse On Park, CT

"Susan Slotoroff brings an energy and zest to the role of Shelby”

Joseph Harrison, Broadway World

"Shelby...played in the film by Julia Roberts, is deftly portrayed by Susan Slotoroff. No stranger to Playhouse on Park, Slotoroff is engaging, authentic, and delivers a finely-tuned snark whenever necessary – especially as she battles with her mother, M’Lynn."

- Stephanie Lyons, Someday Productions

“Susan Slotoroff, who was so good in Playhouse on Park's recent staging of Unnecessary Farce, is even better here in the somewhat tragic role of Shelby... Slotoroff keeps Shelby from ever becoming sappy or sentimental through her sheer drive to live and her commitment to seeing the brighter side of every situation.”

- Zander Opper, Talkin’ Broadway

“The casting is perfect. All six actresses work splendidly together, individually, in pairs and as a unified ensemble. They connect with the story, their particular character and their role in the progression of the story every single second they have on stage.”

- Jim Ruocco, Take 2

“They are led by Susan Slotoroff as Shelby. A Playhouse on Park regular, the actress does a fine job radiating optimism and a full-of-life bravado.”

- Stuart Brown, Stu on Broadway

Susan Slotoroff How to Pray Reviews

How to Pray

Bridge Street Theatre, NY

“Susan is a blessing in my play How to Pray. Warm, deep, hilarious, and surprising at every turn. Truly grateful.”

- Playwright Michelle Carter

"The acting… oh my… the acting. Yes! Susan Slotoroff IS adorable and gorgeous. WAY talented. Vulnerable and rock solid.”

- Scott Myers,

“Faith is onstage virtually every moment.  Without a strong actress the play would not work. Fortunately, director Sowle and the other two members of his cast have Ms. Slotoroff who has a strong and engaging stage presence.  In several monologues delivered directly to the audience we see, hear and empathize with her bewilderment.  She handles each scene with truthful emotions.”

- Macey Levin, Berkshire On Stage

“Susan Slotoroff plays Faith with admirable charm, grace, tension and a resolute spirit. She is virtually never off stage and her journey through her memories of childhood, her attitudes in work and in volunteerism, her friendships and her romances, her remarkable ability to consult with her pets on their feelings and her loyalty to those who are nice to her, helps her find answers as no other pilgrim on a voyage of discovery ever has before. There are subtleties to Faith's changes along the way. Slotoroff fells great trees of resistance within those nuanced shifts and, remarkably, no detritus falls on by-standers or wayfarers. She deftly manages the shifts of mood and attitude. Her portrayal of this complex creature named Faith provides us the opportunity to learn what it means to finally give way to that emotional need to reach out to the infinite.”

- J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

“Slotoroff’s Faith is a truly modern woman – layered, intelligent, self-aware – and has the audience rooting for her from the beginning.”

- Amy Durant, The

“Faith, played in an open, sympathetic manner by Susan Slotoroff, becomes a woman at once easily recognizable yet utterly distinctive.”

- Steve Barnes, Albany Times Union

Susan Slotoroff I Hate Hamlet Reviews

I Hate Hamlet

Playhouse On Park, West Hartford, CT

Susan Slotoroff, who plays Andrew's celibate, though extremely energetic girlfriend, Deirdre, saunters on and off the stage with such electricity and frenetic joy you can't help but smile.”

- Joseph Harrison, BROADWAY WORLD

“Slotoroff's wholesome hotness — assure that this "I Hate Hamlet" is the celebration of "the theahtuh" that it deserves to be”

- Christopher Arnott, The Hartford Courant

Susan Slotoroff Moon Over Buffalo Reviews

Moon Over Buffalo

Shadowland Stages, NY

“Slotoroff’s scene in ‘Private Lives’ flirts with comic genius”

-Carol Montana, Times Herald Record

Susan Slotoroff Moon Over Buffalo Reviews

Moon Over Buffalo

Broward Stage Door Theatre, Miami, FL

The program is a festival of fine acting...Slotoroff puts her own stage know-how into high gear, particularly in Act 2 when she has to take the lead in the ill-planned theater production that is supposed to be entertaining Frank Capra. The show is a total wreck, and Slotoroff truly shows her funny side trying to save the sinking ship.

Dale King, Palm Beach Arts Paper

Susan Slotoroff The Dining Room Reviews

The Dining Room

Playhouse On Park, West Hartford, CT

“Susan Slotoroff excels in various roles from a daughter desperately trying to return home with her three children after a failed marriage to an ever patient maid attempting to serve soup, even as her employer's family is coming apart at the seams.”

- Zander Opper, Talkin Broadway

“Susan Slotoroff, sparks in her many roles.”

- Stuart W. Gamble, In The Spotlight

Susan Slotoroff Unnecessary Farce Theatre Reviews

Unnecessary Farce

Playhouse on Park, West Hartford, CT

"...Billie (the adorable and scene-stealing Susan Slotoroff)...the deliciously humorous Susan Slotoroff trying to open a door while she is tied up and gagged is a showstopper in itself."

 - Zander Opper, Talkin Broadway

Unnecessary Farce

Shadowland Stages, NY

"Susan Slotorff is exceptional in this role. Her ability to accentuate the ridiculous and accommodate the improbable makes this farce work. For her part the timing of the interactions with the other characters is critical, a significant portion taking place on the far side of an invisible wall. If she’s not in synch the humor is lost. But, not to worry. She has it and is the show’s delight.”

- J. A. Di Bello, Catskill Chronicle

“The entire cast – all highly experienced and talented performers – jumps into this verbally and physically demanding play with great skill, timing and enthusiasm. I’m reluctant to single out one performance above the others, as they’re all so good. But special props belong to Slotoroff”

- Frances Marion Platt, The Hudson Valley One

Fox On The Fairway

White Plains Performing Arts Center, NY

“funniest actress I have seen on stage in some time: Susan Slotoroff.”

- John F Bailey, White Plains Reporter

Maggie's Getting Married

Broadhollow Theatre, NY

“The actors take to their roles with brio with Slotoroff standing out as the loud and almost reckless Wanda.”

- Arlene McKanic, Times Ledger

Susan Slotoroff Puppetry Coach Avenue Q Review

Avenue Q

Playhouse on Park, West hartford, CT

Puppetry Coach Review

“As an audience member, one often never really knows who is responsible for what in a production. So, who was responsible for training these actors in the manipulation of their puppets? Perhaps it was the director, or maybe it was a collective effort, but if you read carefully through the Production Staff listings you will come across the name of Susan Slotoroff, credited as the “Puppetry Coach.” Well, she should get star billing, for the result of her coaching is well nigh perfect. From opening scene to the closing number, the puppets are “real,” with the actors giving these furry creatures believable body language (just watch Kate Monster and Princeton go at it as they consummate their relationship, or Princeton [the puppet] flat on his back enduring deep despair). It’s an exercise in stage magic that makes Avenue Q somewhat unique.”

- Geary Danihy, CT Theatre

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